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I’m full of so much regret right now. I just want to be myself, breathe and erase this all from my mind. What had happened was wrong, my family, people close to me have every right to be mad and I admit and I should have never let it happen because so many risks and extra problems on my plate have been brought on after worrying and being honest but at the end of the day, I wasn’t the only one who initiated all of this in the first place, I just stupidly followed and ended up in these situations. And I’m so mad at my friend who backed up herself more and left me with everyone up in my grill when she is to blame also, I do everything with my best friend, including ending up in dumb situations like this one. Not that it was my idea, I just went with her. 

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The ideal guy…

1.) When you find yourself automatically smiling in their presence.

2.) When they’ll go out of their way to make you feel like the most special girl alive.

3.) When you find yourself telling them that they really shouldn’t have in such situations.

4.) The way they’ll go on a mission to make sure you’re not cold and sacrifice a thick, warm jacket in even below 0 degree weather.

5.) When he is the first one to make a move.

6.) When he doesn’t leave you hanging on the anything but his arms

7.) When his priority is YOU!

8.) Phone calls in a sleepy voice yet phone calls that last for over an hour.

9.) A prize winning sense of humour.

10.) Pride in you and equal treatment no matter where you are or who you’re with.

11.) When they don’t like any situations affect whatever’s between you.

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Asian food that I love!

I’m going to list a bunch of DELICIOUS food and beverages because I’m hungry and bored, hehe, but it may help people to try something new from my own experiences, most of this stuff on this list is probably Japanese but some will be from other countries in Far East Asia. I still have a lot to try though like errr… Pepsi flavoured potato chips (Yes! They do that in Japan)

#1: Pocky - Pocky is not only very popular but comes in a variety of different flavours, I have only tried chocolate, strawberry and choco banana and I should really pick up more when I’m in a shop the supplies a wide array of Pocky flavours but I’m usually looking for a brand new food to experience so I forget about how delicious Pocky is. The chocolate coated biscuit sticks are fun to eat and there are a few ways you can eat Pocky. I’ve seen mango flavour, green tea flavour, milk flavour, lychee flavour, dessert Pocky (thicker chocolate often with decorations or toppings such as nuts), giant Pocky (these are bigger versions than the usual small and skinny pocky and individually packaged in the box), blueberry flavour, lemon flavour, orange flavour, men’s Pocky (just like chocolate Pocky but the chocolate is darker and more bitter :p) etc… It’s made by the company Glico and most people have heard of it or have seen different versions of it.

#2: Bubble tea - This is Taiwanese originally, the bubbles are basically tapioca pearls at the bottom of the beverage, you boil them, add sugar and your result is small squishy jelly like balls, bubble tea can be similar to a milkshake or can even be like a soft drink or a regular tea with tapioca pearls as a bonus, can be served hot or cold and comes in a variety of flavours… Mango, strawberry, coconut, melon, green tea, you name it! My favourite flavour is Taro, it reminds me of crushed biscuits and has a very suttle taste!

#3: Mochi - Mochi is a squishy pounded rice cake that more than often has a red bean paste filling, but you can also get chocolate Mochi, green tea Mochi and ichigo daifuku (filled with a strawberry) which looks a bit similar. Mochi is usually very powdery and a soft. I love Mochi for its soft outer texture, followed by the sweet taste of its filling, yum!

#4: Strawberry collon - These are biscuit tubes filled with a sugary flavoured cream, the biscuit is similar to a fortune cookie very sweet and thin. I love strawberry the most because of it’s strong smell and taste, its flavour is really synthetic but it really does hit you when you open the packet, I love the sweet taste, my next favourite flavour is milk, you can also get maple, yoghurt and chocolate banana - I’m not sure about the other flavours yet though!

#5: Hello Panda - These are very cute printed panda biscuits filled with a creamy chocolate, either strawberry, regular milk chocolate or milk, I enjoy all flavours, yum!

#6: Chocoboy - biscuit and chocolate shaped mushrooms, I love the eat the chocolate tips first, the chocolate is quite thick and it’s a very enjoyable snack!

#7: Kohato caramel corn - there’s a chocolate flavour, almond flavour and milk flavour but I think I’ve just tried the peanut favour and that was very goood… Pretty sweet taste not exactly peanutty but still awesome!

#8: Those gummies: There are just different flavours and they are so soft and flavoursome!
Mmmm.. Japanese gummies.

#9: Dorayaki: Two pancakes sandwiched together with a filling, what could be better? I especially love strawberries and cream! Yum!

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